Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Taylor Raye

Dear Taylor Raye,

Life takes unexpected turns. Your life is about to get crazier than you ever expected.
You are growing up fast, but growing up right.
Never think you're dreams are too big, you have the heart and desire to accomplish anything.
Never say never or you can't
Love with everything you have.
Live like there's no tomorrow
Live life on the edge
Live passionatly
Be the person you've always dreamed of becoming
Always know that people love and care for you
Always be you

Yourself :)


  1. The best post EVER. So many of your dreams are right before your eyes. You have NO limits and only the sky to reach for.

    Enjoy EVERY second you can of's a one chance thing, you know.

    Squeeze out all you can and try to give back even that much more!

    .mac :)

  2. This post is very inspiring and it's funny how my name is Taylor Raye also and half my friends know me as TRP <3

    1. Check out my Blog "Taylor Raye" Thx <3