Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i made it

it's FINALLY here...

summertime and senior year
could life get any better?

Summertime will be quite busy for me.

  1. Cheerleading practice
  2. Cheerleading Camp (June 3-6)
  3. Girl's State (June 6-12)
  4. Yearbook Camp
  5. i'm sure something else will come along
Oh, I must mention I have summer school work. Since I have decided to take three college courses next year, for my Duel Enrollment English class I have three books to read. AP Environmental Science will provide some reading and research while I'm having fun in the sun. Senior project....I'm already tired of hearing those two words. HOPEFULLY, I can get an externship at a law firm this summer to start my project. (At least, that's my goal)

I would like to say this is my last summer "together" with my friends. Next summer will be all about good-byes and getting ready for college. I can't wait to spend time with them and make summer 2010 the best yet.

My goals for this summer...
  1. Read at least three books, not including my summer reading.
  2. Complete my Beth Moore bible study
  3. Run consistently!
  4. Spend time with more friends
  5. To be EXTREMELY tan
  6. Apply to UTK (I can on August 1st!)
  7. Go on vacation somewhere new
  8. Finish all of summer work on time
  9. To make a list with Kalyn for our senior year :)
  10. laugh, love, live more
i wish i could think of some better goals, but those will do for now

first picture of summer :)

p.s. my birthday is in eleven days, i can't wait!

until we meet again,
trd :)


  1. Goals are HUGE, TRD.


    Kenny and I have actually just sat down and done some goal planning for this year. Not just wishful thinking, but real goal planning with measurable results.

    Stay focused and have fun!

    You will not regret reaching out and up...

    And, you will be surprised at how high and deep those reaches take you!

    .mac :)

  2. Hey!

    I left a comment on here last night, but it didn't show!

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


    Keep setting goals for will be amazed how much farther you will go with just a list to look to.

    Reach high!
    But most importantly, reach deep!

    .mac :)