Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wild Horses

I love music! Seriously, I have a song for every mood on my ipod. Recently I added a song from Natasha Bedingfield, "Wild Horses." One line from this song has been stuck in my head.

"All I want is the wind in my hair to face the fear, but not feel scared"

Life is changing fast. With school beginning in less than a month, not to mention it's not just any school's senior year, I am realizing this year I have so much growing up to do. My life the past year has been filled with too much stress of things that are honestly not important. Everyday I try to move past this, but why is it so hard? I can either face this fear or run from it. Facing my fear of growing into a stronger person will leave me with an amazing feeling. Time heals. If I will feel the wind in my hair and face every oppurtunity or struggle with grace and calmness, there is nothing I can be scared of.


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