Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sitting in the library

it's so sad...
i'm already becoming an obsessed blogger.
but one of my many obsessions is bubble shooter.

Kalyn Helton just had to get me started on it! So now since AP English is now over with Kalyn, Ashton, and I are sneaking off to the library telling the librarian we are "searching for colleges" when we are really playing intense bubble shooter.

it just needs to be summer...
only three more classes to go!

i will now return to my intense game of bubble shooter
until we meet again,
trd :)


  1. What in the world is bubble shooter?

    It's a phone game, I bet!

    And posting every day or every other does not mean you are obsessed...let's call it consistent!

    .mac :)

  2. bubble shooter is a game online, we play it all the time at school to pass time!

    and you're right, i would love to be a consistent blogger :)

    -trd :)